Enabling the Farms Growers Crops Of the Future

Indoor-farmed strawberries

Our strawberries are unusual. They’re vertically farmed without soil under LED lights in a controlled environment – which means no pesticides, juicy textures, and super sweet taste.

Urban farmed for unrivalled freshness.

Indoor farming
made easy

Start your own urban farm at home with The Herbitat. All you need to do is plant and harvest. It’s that easy. 

Grows all kinds of leafy greens and herbs with an ROI of less than 12 months. Up to 400 plants in a 20 sqft footprint.

What we do

We grow high quality produce

At our farms, we take quality seriously. All crops are grown with our propeitary hydroponic and IoT control systems, and continuously optimized by our team of scientists and engineers. 

No pesticides, superb quality, ultra fresh.

We develop precision farming technology

Our hardware take the guesswork out of indoor farming via technological integration. 

We develop and use our smart farming control system with IoT integration and A.I. technologies in all our farms.

We enable everyone to become urban farmers

And we mean anyone. We are on a mission to make urban farming accessible for all – no matter if it’s a tiny home farm, or a commercial growing operation.

Contact us to find out how we can help you begin your urban farming journey.

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