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Meet Herbitat

Indoor gardening made easy – Beautiful hydroponic indoor garden with smart features to help you grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs all year round.

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easy to grow

Smart micro controller and integrated sensors work together with a soil-less grow system to help you grow without fuss

Easy to maintain

Modular grow pods means easy cleaning, planting and harvesting. Herbitat also automatically notifies you when it is time to add water or nutrients

Eat fresh

Our soil-less NFT grow system is pest-free, which means you don't need pesticides to grow healthy, clean, fresh produce

Start your own indoor garden

Grow your own food and ensure clean, healthy, fresh produce for your family with Herbitat, the most intelligent and easy-to-use home farming system yet

Designed to impress, engineered to grow

How it works

1. Nutrient flow starts

A thin film of water and nutrients ensures an abundant supply of oxygen to the roots

2. Growth further boosted

Gravity keeps the nutrients flowing and cascading to the next level. This packs even more oxygen into the water, further increasing nutrient uptake

3. And Repeat

A pump re-circulates nutrients from the reservoir tank back to the top

4. Let there be light

Each row is fitted with dimmable full-spectrum LED grow lights to boost growth or to extend day length

Soilless grow system

Ensures an abundant supply of water, oxygen and nutrients to the plant roots - resulting in faster growth and healthier plants.

Smart growth controller

Optimizes growing conditions, regulates light intensity/schedules, and collects sensor data so that your plants grow, hassle-free.

Sensors inside

Collects environmental data and lets you know what's going on inside your Herbitat. Also tells you when its time to add water or nutrients.

Modular design

Each of the 16 grow pods are detachable for easy cleaning, planting and harvesting. Add only as many as you need.

Mobile control

The Herbitat app is your dashboard and control center - you can make adjustments to grow light intensity for each row and optimize your setup using sensor data via WiFi.

Energy efficient

With a maximum power draw of 60W, Herbitat uses less power than just 1 large incandescent light bulb!

It's so easy to grow

Plant, set, harvest. It’s that easy. Herbitat takes care of the rest.

You’ll get notifications on the app when you need to add water or nutrients.

Full control at your fingertips

Cloud-powered, WiFi enabled

Set grow light intensity

Set grow schedules

Save light recipes

Automatic notifications

Sensor feedback

Monitor power usage

Functional yet beautiful

Elegantly crafted for modern interiors, Herbitat features a clean, minimalistic design that creates a beautiful backdrop for plants to stand out.

The organic blend of colors, earthy scent of fresh herbs, and calming sounds of cascading water combine to create a beautiful, nature-inspired art piece.

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