Food security through technological innovation

Indoor vertical farms

- Urban indoor farming solutions
- Aeroponics and hydroponic systems
- Modular container farms

Farm-to-table crops

- Super delicious, nutrient packed
- Ultra fresh
- Zero pesticides

Home farming systems

- Easy to grow, easy to maintain
- Automatic plant management
- Elegantly crafted for modern interiors

Farm control systems

- IoT based control
- Modular, wireless connectivity
- Remote monitoring / control

Indoor farmed crops

Super delicious

Our crop scientists are constantly experimenting with light and nutrient recipes to grow the crunchiest, sweetest, zestiest, tastiest, and most nutrient packed produce possible.

Ultra fresh

Our crops are grown in cities, leading to much shorter farm-to-table distances. Feast on our produce within just hours of harvest.

Pesticide free

Growing in a controlled environment means no pests and no unhealthy pesticides. The result is super clean produce that you can eat even without washing.

Block Farms™

Smart urban container farms. Coming soon.

Meet Herbitat

The most intelligent and easy-to-use home farming system yet