Enabling the farms of the future.

This is the next generation of urban farming. From decentralized farms, to innovative farming hardware, to indoor farm solutions – we enable them all.

We work with the best

We grow high quality produce

At our farms, we take quality seriously. All crops are grown with our propeitary hydroponic and IoT control systems, and continuously optimized by our team of scientists and engineers.

No pesticides, superb quality, ultra fresh.

Gotta grow them all

Our crop scientists are constantly experimenting with light and nutrient recipes to grow the crunchiest, sweetest, zestiest, tastiest, and most nutrient packed produce possible.

We enable anyone to become urban farmers

And we mean anyone. We are on a mission to make urban farming accessible for all – no matter if it’s a tiny home farm, or a commercial growing operation.

We develop innovative farming technology

Our hardware take the guesswork out of indoor farming via technological integration. 

We develop and use our smart farming control system with IoT integration and A.I. technologies in all our farms.

Start your own farm

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